Welcome to Jack Magazine’s last issue  — and 10th anniversary celebration — with the theme of journeying. What started back in the summer of 2000, co-founded by Mary (Sands) Woodbury of Beat Generation News and Michael Rothenberg of Big Bridge, has now come a long way in creating that arc between the beat generation and modern day progenitors.

Chief editor Mary Woodbury has recently established Moon Willow Press, and hopes to focus on non-fiction books related to climate change, sustainable living, ecosystem preservation, and other environmental issues. MWP will also publish some poetry and fiction books per year. Please see the site for manuscript submission guidelines.

We want to thank all contributors and readers of Jack Magazine, and invite you to continue to read the archives and check out Stanford University’s LOCKSS program, which has Jack in a permanent archive. LOCKSS stands for Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe. Jack will also reside on the current domain for a very long time.

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