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Autographs and Renderings

AUTOGRAPHS AND RENDERINGS A poetry libretto by JULIO PERALTA-PAULINO Gypsy Daughter Press “The evil! That’s just a phrase! Who knows what is evil and what is good? It’s just a question of personal preferences. You’re worried about your own skin – that’s the truth of the matter, but you’ll never become a rhinoceros, really you […]

The Bible of Hell

Suggested by Kamiblue: (by Michael Malefica Pendragon). Anthology  of poetry and short stories published by Michael Pendragon, containing some poems and short stories of his own.  It includes excerpts from Blake, Milton, Poe, Byron, Shelley, and Wilde as well as many other poets and writers.

The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep and Other Parables Suggested by Diana Magallón “Imagine Borges‘ fantastical bestiary having tea with Alice. Imagine Jonathan Swift and James Thurber exchanging notes. Imagine a frog from Calaveras County who has seriously read Mark Twain. Meet Monterroso”. Carlos Fuentes about The Black Sheep and Other Fables

Perks in Purgatory

Praises for Perks in Purgatory by Valery Oisteanu Valery Oisteanu is a Living National Treasure of an imaginal Atlantis situated somewhere between Tristan Tzara’s lost Romania and the beat–mythographical Lower East side. -Peter Lamborn Wilson (Poet, philosopher, author) If you like the pair of Jacks, Micheline and Kerouac, you’ll want to hold this card.  It’s […]

Poppin’ Johnny

Poppin’ Johnny is the everyman’s poetry handbook for nostalgic trips down America’s forgotten rivers, highways, and swaths of starlight. From a Canadian perspective, the poetry reminds me of reaching into a deep pocket and finding candy wrapper memories from across the borders. Thanks, George. -Mary Woodbury

Riding with Destiny

Riding with Destiny by Jane Lyn Stahl Jayne Stahl’s cunning observations and whiz kid reflections makeRiding with Destiny a most welcome and keen companion. —Ed Asner Here is a poet who embraces a literary heritage from Rimbaud to Ginsberg, from Yeats to Bob Dylan, and makes a street-wise, sexy music all her own. —Aram Saroyan […]

Arabian Sands

Wilfred Thesiger Arabian Sands Arabian Sands is about Thesiger’s punishing and numinous journeys across the then uninhabited Arabian peninsula, aided by unconquerable tribes, for beetle research. Although he just wanted to cross the sands, he found government funding for his adventures. It sounds like guy’s just out in the desert escaping civilization — with good […]

Homeless Chronicles

Homeless Chronicles: from Abraham to Burning Man by Gerard Sarnat From Abraham to Burning Man was published by the California Institute of Arts and Letters’ Pessoa Press in March. Gerry Sarnat’s tough, witty, language-obsessed poems are both a post- holocaust reconstruction of his family’s history and a progression towards a declaration of his own intention. […]