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Michael Estabrook

Muir Woods National Monument 250 feet up the massive crown of one of the oldest redwoods in the park bristles proudly in the midday sun. Up on the Hillside Trail barely visible among the gangly saplings and shrubs stands a buck, antlers agape, completely unflapped by us trekking noisily along below. The trail is so […]

Rodney Nelson

Two Winter Women of Yuma in that town of gin and tonic I took and rented a night room with a lime-fruit tree at the door Bird Woman when she came around looked at the tree and talked to it and did not have a song for me the Mad Sainte of another eye wanted […]

Marcia Arrieta

to step through time.  i wonder. sometimes in the absence of order– i imagine your face & you tell me the story of your life. this is all done in seven minutes. but it is enough. all is transversal— how the years vanish.. how the mountain becomes the lake becomes the sea. all is transversal— […]

Dee Sunshine

Motorway Ghost Monosynthesis, this raw jazz in sherbet fizzed arteries Of motorway madness and inarticulated, sublimated rage, This flesh pulped in God’s hands, the saviour surgeon Who makes and unmakes us in his own image, These prayers of the dying in copperplate arabesques, Fingers throttling the wheel, knuckles blanched, Kilometres blurred in the rushing of […]

Landon K. Brown

Dear Woman on the Street Dear woman on the street. Sadistic. Sordid. Splendid. Roaming into China Town. And, the Boulevard of red carpet cock and rock. Ushered out to concrete. Hard. Sun. Mighty blisters on hand and soles of feet. Loving tourists and opening cracked hands to faces, indifferent. Pathetic. Collecting calico sand from shorelines […]

Sheila Murphy

October Daylight A fat white gray pigeon Perched on the lip of a wooden salad bowl Before a man seated with a blond companion At the Biltmore Fashion Park How I senselessly and irresistibly love our life together Mis-Dia-Gnosis I don’t have any spare communion I don’t have the results of my bone density exam […]

Jon Watson

Ascent ascent this relief in shades despite the danger unforeseen and swiftly changing hardships and perils far nothing beautiful with the acceptance full realities that on another night would be enough these carefully still believed ascended rapture nowhere passes Don’t crowd batman klein-levein syndrome sleeping pillow eharmony hawaiian flowers hammock dreams scooby doo philosopher night […]

Farida Samerkhanova

Rara Avis I am different because I am dark blue, Not brown or yellow. Made in far away Spain, I live overseas, In Canada, to be precise. My master sings Russian song Because he speaks Neither English, nor French. I work hard for him and hope That the time comes when I start Living in […]

Thomas McDade

Souvenir, Big Sur, 1982 At Bixby Creek I lose Kerouac’s trail but stumble onto another literary ghost. Name carved in wood the sign reads: The Henry Miller Memorial Library! It’s the artist Emil White’s place and I say God bless him. His hair is as white as the cream bathing the strawberries he’s sharing with […]

Carlos Hiraldo

Retreat or Caribbean Stalingrad The buildings in communist Habana look like peeling zombies with hollowed-out eyes. The people in their rags look down after stealing a glance at my foreign clothes. The policeman and the soldier also look away, as if stalling. But the waiters know better. They stare attentively waiting for me to give […]