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Linda Rogers

POETRY AND THE SOCIAL GOSPEL The Captivity and Liberation of Language I knew a child who lived on the wild side and painted pictures with no borders between his phenomenal and spirit worlds. His only rule was the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. He then encountered an […]

Mary Woodbury

A Look Back This section will look at some of the highlights of the previous 11 issues of Jack Magazine. Rest assured, I have many more memories, and these highlighted posts are samples. Each and every artist who has contributed to this magazine has become a memory at this point, one I will always appreciate. […]

William Sands

Das Diesel Engine (Confessions of an Auto-Convert) I’ve been a fan of the diesel engine for some time now,  mainly because of its fuel efficiency, but also for its performance. A few examples of diesel engines are found in the Volkswagen Jetta TDI cup series and the Audi R10 TDI. BMW also sells a rather […]

AE Reiff

Sky Shadows At the time of the Peace Corps I made my own, went to San José Costa Rica from Philadelphia to work for Editorial Caribe, a publishing house of the Latin America Mission. It used a fish as its logo. This was overtaken by larger events, JFK’s arrival and the  parades for the Alliance […]

Cecelia Chapman

The Bodysurfer’s Shark Tales CARIBBEAN. Once, Shirley told me, a man in town paid him to catch a little shark and bring it back alive. So he and Pert set out some bloody meat to trawl and flying fish which the seagulls love. Soon a gull took the flying fish bait and kept on flying. […]

Spencer Bilodeau

Forest Spirit I grew up camping. As a child, I would go camping at least three times a summer, usually more. I went camping with my family and friends, and with Wolf Cubs and Scouts. I was raised to love the outdoors and nature. Even the first school I went to, the Toronto Waldorf School, […]