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Michael Rothenberg, David Meltzer, and Terri Carrion

Excerpts from ROCKPILE On The Road (David Meltzer, Michael Rothenberg, and Terri Carrion) August 25, 2009 IMPOSSIBLE MUSIC (David Meltzer) Brilliant ideas arrive like celestial comets as Mercury conjuncts Uranus. Think of your mind as a radio transmitter and receiver. The Aquarius has one of the sharpest intellects of the zodiac. Paint the town red […]

Francis Raven

A Community‚Äôs1 Habitat The radical poem of place2 is almost wordless 1What a community means is a group of diverse individuals who either represent themselves as being in some essential way connected and possibly homogenous or who are represented as being connected and homogenous. Therefore, there is always a tension between the individuals and the […]