Suggested Reading

The Complete Poems of Kenneth Rexroth

AsEverWas by
Hammond Guthrie

In Search of Captain Zero by Allen C. Weisbecker

A Love Supreme:The Story of John Coltrane's Signature Album
by Ashley Kahn
and Elvin Jones

The Last Man on the Moon
by Colin Dodds

Dirty Havana Trilogy
by Pedro Juan Gutierrez

Like Rain
by Kevin Opstedal

9th & Ocean
by Kevin Opstedal

Beach Blanket Massacre
by Kevin Opstedal

4 Ellipses by D. Harlan Wilson

Caught Inside: A Surfer's Year on the California Coast
by Daniel Duane

The Kafka Effekt
by D. Harlan Wilson

Escape from Houdini Mountain
by Pleasant Gehman

Forced Entries: The Downtown Diaries, 1971-1973
by Jim Carroll