Note: My goal is to publish the next issue of Jack in late January or early February, 2003. Submissions for that issue are due by December 1, 2002.

Jack Magazine solicits many submissions, but unsolicited contributions are always welcome. Please follow these guidelines when submitting:

1. I'm accepting submissions again at The yahoo address I gave in the last issue was helpful for awhile, but has limited space for files. All I ask is that you save me from mailing lists, which seem to be the source of many viruses.

2. Introduce yourself, send a bio, and briefly describe your work in the content of the e-mail.

3. Text submissions should be in an attached document, either in .doc (MS Word) or .rtf (Rich Text Format). I will not accept text submissions in the content of an e-mail. E-mail programs do not always convert italics, bold, indentions, or even special characters.

4. Text submissions should be edited by the author, and checked for spelling, style, content, delivery, and grammar. I will not accept submissions that have misspellings and other problems.

5. Art guidelines: There is usually one feature artist per issue. This artist submits 16 or so images to be used in each major section in the magazine as well as on the cover. Other artists are welcome to illustrate their written works or provide a gallery of their works. Please provide a link and ordering information if you want to sell your artwork, though as of right now I have no way of setting up a payment option here for you at Jack. When you submit art to be considered, please provide a sample of six or so images, either jpg or gif format, and compress them with WinZip (no more than 2 MBs per e-mail attachment). The images should be no smaller than 500 pixels wide, though I might reduce the size. I can accept bmp, tiff, and psd files, but we should discuss this first, as these formats tend to be very large.

6. I don't have a commitment to when I will reply to your e-mail and submission. Generally, it's because of my crazy life that goes in waves. Some days I will read everything at once, and immediately reply to the sender if I like something. Other times, especially when I'm not actively working on Jack, I am known to let things sit for days. Well, there's no "staff" here, just me, so this is just how it goes. If you've followed the above guidelines, you're likely to hear from me. Also, though my goal was to publish this magazine quarterly, it has now gone to semi-annual or even annual. Since the schedule is laid-back, I pretty much time the magazine according to when I feel I have enough for a good issue.

7. Jack accepts poetry, fiction, essays, reviews (books, poetry, film, music), and essays of all kinds. I'm really hoping for more essays that are under the categories listed on the menu.

8. Since this is a home-made site that makes no income whatsoever, there is no monetary payment to contributors. However, feel free to plug your work by listing your URLs and detailed biographies. Also, I have plenty of space on the server for book cover scans.

9. All submissions retain the copyright of their author or artist.

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