John Aiello



She came
Forth falling:

The moon
The window
Its teeth
Sky watching
(the woman)
Pin up
Her hair
Kneel in
To bed

Sky watching
In the wind
Musky smell
Of cougars
The tall grass

Is raging
Cool soft pure
The murmurs
The unborn
The woman
Lays down

Into these sweet
Half dreams
Of sleep



Photograph by Pat Gardner. Model: Holly Hale.
All Rights Reserved. Republished with permissions.


Photograph copyrighted by Larry Keenan



                     FOR KEN KESEY

November 10, 2001
Kesey has died
Benign moon
To delicate
Dove wings
Of rainy ash
The lonesome skies
Of dead
Man eyes
Has kneeled
A final salute
The General
Old scribe
To tumors
Of the
Liver today
Into hollow mouths
Bottomless blue mirrors
Of dust
Unto the end
And flower wreaths
And prayers
Into TV space
Minute obituary
The evening news
That reminds us
The Merry
Old Prankster
Was here
(the doors)
And arms
Cuckoo's nest
Ever locked
Blue darkness
Fading in
Deep space
These dead
Man eyes
The bones disappear
In perpetuity
More and
Good bye

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