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Poetry/Literary Magazines & Resources

2River View: Since 1996, 2River has been a site of poetry and art, quarterly publishing The 2River View and occasionally publishing individual writers in the 2River Chapbook Series.

3 AM Magazine: Your daily dose of literary & cultural news from around the global village.

Alsop Review: High-quality writing as well as classes, reviews, The Gazebo, and membership features.

BeeHive: A hypertext, hypermedia literary journal that has lots of well-written and contemplative articles, poetry, and book excerptsincluding an excerpt of Michael Rothenberg's Punk Rockwell.

Big Bridge: A Web Zine of Poetry (and everything else): Michael Rothenberg's site that has poetry, and fiction, as well as chapbooks by Philip Whalen, Joanne Kyger, Robert Creeley, Jack Collom, and David Meltzer. There's a continuing feature about electronic-multimedia shaman Ira Cohen as well as a cyberspective celebrating the art of Robert La Vigne.

Bridge Review: Online bioregional culture magazine for The Bridge Review: Merrimack Valley Culture and Lowell Celebrates Kerouac.

Comrades: E-zine with poetry, fiction/non-fiction, artwork, reviews and essays, and some extra stuff such as merchandise, a message board, and a newsletter.

Exquisite Corpse: A journal of letters and life. It's the ultimate.

Frank's Home: Frank Parker's home of poetry, translated poetry, and media poetry.

La Petite Zine: Daniel Nester's "petite" online magazine, including famous-people haiku, fiction, poetry, and commentary.

Light and Dust Poets: An anthology that includes visual poetry and other work presented in whole, or in part, in graphics files.

milk magazine: Sustenance for the masses. This is Larry Sawyer's site, a great magazine with poetry, essays, fiction, art and photography, and much more. Lina ramona Vitkauskas has also helped to create milk magazine.

Naked Poetry: Edited by the great RhondaK, this zine is funky and smart. It features open mic events, poetry, book reviews, fiction, and several eclectic sections.

Retort Magazine: Journal of art + literature.

Taverner's Koans: Alan DeNiro's wonderful poetry resource site that has discussions, features, writing advice and references, links, and a bookstore.

Thyalzine: Australian arts and literature, on landscape and animals--by Coral Hull.

Unlikely Stories: A collection of articles, literature and poetry, and stuff.

Other Resource Sites

Beat Generation News: Mary Sands' site about the beats, what happened, what is happening, what might happen.

Empty Mirror Books: Denise Enck's fascinating bookworld of Beat literature.

Goodie Magazine: Panther Books and Goodie Magazine "celebrate all that radiates with authenticity."

Identity Theory: Great online resource for news, articles, poetry, commentary, and much more. Very classy.

McClure-Manzarek Metasite: Another Denise Enck site devoted to Beat poet Michael McClure and Doors' keyboardist Ray Manzarek, who have joined up in many endeavors.

Shambhala Sun: A magazine "about waking up," it celebrates the arts, Buddhism, modern life, relationships, politics, and literature.

Tech Coast Design, Inc. Tech Coast Designs, Inc. is a provider of software services for businesses. Our services focus on relational databases, data warehouses, analytical processing, and web-based reporting.

The Language of War and Peace: Big Bridge presents this feature of many poets' afterthoughts of September 11, including Andrew Schelling, Miriam Sagan, Tom Clark, Andrew Shelley, Duncan McNaughton, Michael McClure, Dick Gallup, Josephine Clare, RhondaK, Renée Gregorio, William Slaughter, Rick London, Bill Berkson, Michael Castro, Joanne Kyger, Stefan Hyner, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Louis Landes Levi, Roxanne Gupta, Michael Rothenberg, Hanon Reznikoff, Jennifer Berkitt, Jack Collom, David Meltzer, John Brandi, Steve Ben Israel, Ira Cohen, Ammiel Alcalay, Daniel Moore, Gabor Gyukics, Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Sarah Menefee, Mike Topp, Steven Allen May, Anne Waldman, Mary Sands, and Hammond Guthrie.

WHATWEB: Gary Gach's online mindful poetry zone."Online & off, the project brings together two things popular in the late 20th century: contemporary Buddhism and poetry. See for yourself how poetry is informed by, and informs, Buddhism today!"


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