Adrien Begrand


The perpetual twenty-five year-old who hated old poetmen is dust
The buttons made from the Mad Yak's bones, all dust
he who hung a picture of Rimbaud on his lawnmower, now dust
who BOOMed ye skies and BOOMed ye suns is dust
who envisioned Ted Williams in Paris and called him a poet,
who joyously sang to Coit Tower and helped immortalize 9 Rue
who eulogized Kerouac in a poem that no one has yet equalled,
who realised humour is the most important thing in life and tossed his
window out the window
                                               all Penguin
Dust, Penguin Dust, Penguin Dust again.

-Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
January 18, 2001

© by Adrien Begrand