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Poetry/Literary Magazines & Resources

alt.arts.poetry.comments: Great poetry reference site, maintained by Jim Sheard, who participates in the aapc Jonathan Kane, Composition with Squashnewsgroup.

Alsop Review: Has high-quality writings as well as classes, reviews, The Gazebo, and membership features.

The Beehive: A hypertext, hypermedia literary journal.

Big Bridge: A Web Zine of Poetry (and everything else): Michael Rothenberg's site that has poetry, fiction, chapbooks (including The Real News by Joanne Kyger and Engravings of Snakes by Michael McClure), an archive section that includes work by Philip Whalen and Robert Creely, and a new feature all about electronic-multimedia shaman Ira Cohen.

Comrades: E-zine with poetry, fiction/non-fiction, artwork, reviews and essays, and some extra stuff such as merchandise, a message board, a newsletter edited by the great RhondaK, and brand new: a poetry competition.

Exquisite Corpse: A journal of letters and life.

Frank's Home: Frank Parker's home of poetry, newly featuring poems by Stephen Vincent and Erminia Passannanti.

Light and Dust Poets: An anthology that includes visual poetry and other work presented in whole, or in part, in graphics files.

milk magazine: Sustenance for the masses. This is Larry Sawyer's site, a great magazine with poetry, essays, fiction, art and photography, and much more. Lina ramona Vitkauskas has also helped to create milk magazine.

The Poetry Project of St. Mark's Church: "Now in its 33rd season, the Poetry Project continues to furnish encouragement and resources to poets, writers, artists and performers whose work is experimental, innovative and pertinent to writing that proposes fresh aesthetic, cultural, philosophical and political approaches to contemporary society."

Taverner's Koans: Alan DeNiro's wonderful poetry resource site that has discussions, features, writing advice and references, links, and a bookstore.

Thyalzine: Australian arts and literature, on landscape and animals.

Unlikely Stories: A collection of articles, literature and poetry, and stuff.

Other Resource Sites

The Apparitions: Alex Walsh's band. "Flavors of Velvet Underground, The Beatles and Stones on acid, jazz, folk-rooted boys and girls with keyboards, electric bass, the Flying Paredes-Diaz Brothers on drums and percussion..."

Beat Generation News: Mary Sands' site about the beats, what happened, what is happening, what might happen.

Radio Clambake: Two nonstop radio streams: one is all classic jazz; the other is an eclectic mix of comedy, punk, jazz, and everything--yes, everything.

Shambhala Sun: A magazine "about waking up," it celebrates the arts, Buddhism, modern life, relationships, politics, and literature.

Terrain Magazine: A journal of the built and natural environment, with poetry, articles, essays, fiction, columns, and news.

WHATWEB: Gary Gach's online mindful poetry zone."Online & off, the project brings together two things popular in the late 20th century: contemporary Buddhism and poetry. See for yourself how poetry is informed by, and informs, Buddhism today!"

Contributor Sites

(Note: some contributors' sites are listed above.)

Ira Cohen: The most complete site about Ira Cohen's life and works can be found at Big Bridge.

Meg Wise-Lawrence: Other than her site The Germ, more of her writings can be found at and

Mythologies and icon/graphy: Joy Yourcenar's sites, both illustrating her poetry, in collaboration with images by her lifelong partner Eric Boutilier-Brown.

Susan Terris's Poetry: Includes her poetry, books, and biography.

Tom Bradley: All about the author.

William Allegrezza: Editor of Moria, an e-zine for experimental poetry.