Volume 1, No. 2
Fall, 2000

Editorial Notes

Gregory Corso Devotions
by Ira Cohen, Steve Dalachinsky, and Erik La Prade

Feature: Allan Graubard's Fragments of Nomad Days; plus read about Nomad Days

Essays: Phyllis Segura's Jack Micheline Story

Poetry by Alan DeNiro, Ricky Garni, Steve Kelen, Bill Lawlor, Duane Locke, Marty Matz, Edward Mycue, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, Jose de los Reyes, Michael Rothenberg, Susan Terris, D.R. Yonkin, Karl Young, and Joy Olivia Yourcenar

Extra: Herbert Huncke's intro to Marty Matz's Pipe Dreams

Fiction: The Stylist by Tom Bradley; Sign Language by Evan Palmer

Tea-Party: Kerouac Cutups by Dave Moore

Reviews: Jack Foley (review of Gary Gach's What Book?!) and Mary Sands (review of Rod Phillips' Forest Beatniks and Urban Thoreaus)

The Path: Robert Front Interview with Norman Fischer

Road Trip: Postscript by John Brandi

Politics: Into the Ruins, by William Allegrezza; Scalia & Miranda by Tom Devaney

Renaissance: The Germ: A Pre-Raphaelite Connection by Meg Wise-Lawrence

Eco-Watch: An Ecosystem of Writing Ideas by Jack Collom


Jack Store

Composition with Nectarines, Jonathan Kane

He says the Kali Yuga is the age we've just entered,
a kalpa of darkness, destruction, and psychic emptiness
where everything is turned around—and lies and phoniness
bring success. "Each kalpa lasts 3000 divine years,"
he explains. "One divine year equals
360 human ones." He gives a curious twist
to his mustache, reaches under the table
and hands us an abacus
to figure it out.

-John Brandi (Postscript excerpt)

Jonathan Kane: Fruit/Vegetable/Spice Series throughout issue 2 and the abstracts on Marty Matz's page.
Ira Cohen: Illustrations in Fragments of Nomad Days, by Allan Graubard.
Phyllis Segura: Illustrations in the Jack Micheline essay
Mike S.: Flash animations on the Submissions and Welcome pages.
Meg Wise-Lawrence: Sketch of William Morris in the Renaissance section.

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