Dan Barth

Jack Kerouac's Cats

jack kerouac's cats in heaven,
mewing and mewling.
he feeds them often.
they come around purring to be held.
jack picks up his kitties,
noticing but not interrupting
serious and joyful conversations
with goethe, spengler, proust, nietzsche,
hermann hesse, babe ruth and dizzy dean.
groucho marx and w.c. fields stop by.
neal is in the next room with women.
count basie is leading the orchestra,
consists of buddy bolden,
lester young, charlie parker,
louis armstrong and many others.
jerry garcia on electric guitar.
angel harpo on harp.
kerouac pets his kitty tyke.
his kitty davey rubs his leg.
his mother is beaming but
has finally let him go.
tyke purrs, jack chuckles
and laughs.
he's talking to thomas wolfe
about the american west.
geronimo nods in corroboration.
more cats purr.
angel bartenders pour more beer.
free beer!
another lovely day for kerouac
and his cats in heaven.
they got no complaints.

© by Dan Barth

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